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About Capt. Dave

Capt. Dave Markett has been fishing the Tampa Bay and Boca Grande waters for longer than most of the current fishing guides in Florida could walk. He’s proud to be one of the true patriarchs of saltwater guiding here and is humbled by the fact that new guides often reach out to him for advice on starting their guiding career.

The Tampa Bay area is Capt. Dave’s home and he loves fishing here. Tarpon, redfish, snook, trout and many more species of fish have been his targets for well over 4 decades and there is little, if anything, that he doesn’t know about the Tampa Bay area.

Boca Grande holds a very special place in Capt. Dave’s heart as he loves tarpon fishing and it is the “Tarpon Capital of the World”. Tarpon fishing with him in Boca Grande is a real treat for anyone that gets a chance to do so.

Capt. Dave has served on the board of the Florida Guides Association for many years. Several of which, he served as the West Central Florida Chapter President. He is very conservation minded and works hard to make sure that our fishery will be strong for our future generations of fisherman.

Teaching people to fish is one of Capt. Dave’s passions. There’s nothing better than the giant smile on someone’s face after they learn to successfully cast, hook, and reel in their first fish all on their own. He takes great pride in not only putting people on fish but also teaching them how to fish.

If you’re looking for a great fishing charter with a captain that has tons of experience, enjoys his craft, and loves fishing… you owe it to yourself to book a fishing charter with Capt. Dave Markett.