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Air Boat

Air boats are extremely versatile vessels and there are many types of adventures that Capt. Dave offers from his.

Air Boat Rides

Ever dreamed of seeing the deep Florida back country? Capt. Dave can take you where no regular motor boat can go! You’ll see alligators, tropical birds, manatees (seasonal), and many other types of native and migratory animals. Not to mention that the ride it self can be both peaceful and exhilarating at the same time.

‘Gator Hunting Adventures

Capt. Dave uses his air boat for trophy ‘gator hunts. To learn more about ‘gator hunting with Capt. Dave Click Here

Fishing Adventures

Some of the best fishing in all of Florida is done in the Winter time when we have seasonally really low tides in the Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor areas. The only way to get to these fish are with an air boat. Capt. Dave runs extremely productive and exciting shallow water fishing adventures out of his air boat during the winter months. Be sure to contact him to inquire about the unique opportunity.

Logistics Services

Both government agencies and civil engineers often need to be able to access hard to reach places here in Florida. Capt. Dave helps these groups reach these places to insure they can get the work done that they need to get done. If you have a project that requires you to reach swampy back country areas, be sure to contact Capt. Dave.