Spring is in the air, fish are on the line.

While the rest of the country is mired in a winter blast, we’ve been enjoying amazing temperatures here for this time of year. Today was in the upper 70’s and the fish are acting like it is springtime. They never really seemed to get into a winter pattern this winter so they are all over the flats and even on the beaches.

Snook are everywhere. Catching 20-50 fish a day is not unusual and though redfishing isn’t quite as good as it was in the fall, it’s still really good.

Trout fishing has been good but the next two months are when things will really go gangbusters. February through April are my favorite months to fish for trout. The big girls come in from deep water and they are hungry.

if you are looking to get on the water and escape the winter blast that the rest of the country is experiencing, give me a ring and let’s go fishing in Florida!