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Tarpon Fishing

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing

This is truly one of the most sought after fishing adventures in the whole world. Capt. Dave has been guiding anglers to trophy tarpon in Boca Grande for longer than he can remember. And a Boca Grande Tarpon charter with him should not be missed.

Boca Grande is dubbed, “The Tarpon Capital of the World” and it’s for good reason. Boca Grande is home to the largest annual migration of Tarpon in the world. Every May and June, thousands upon thousands of tarpon invade the Boca Grande area waters as they feed in preparation for their annual spawning ritual.

There is nowhere else in the world you can go to have more shots at 100lb+ tarpon in a day, than Boca Grande.

The fishing is really world class but so is the ambiance of the island of Gasparilla. The white sand, the quaint local shops, the world renowned dining… There’s no place like Boca Grande and Capt. Dave loves treating Anglers to a world class fishing adventure here.